Games in Dreams: criminal detective story

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In Dreams - an interactive story game, where your choices matter and determine the future game events. It is an awesome art texting quest with a non-linear plot.

Game features:
• Detective text game
• Choice based game
• Reading quests
• Mini games: hidden objects and fight simulator
• Stunning art and visuals
• Intuitive interface

Your name is Trevor Winkwood. You are a detective working only with the most complicated criminal cases: solving murders, catching serial killers and criminal mind maniacs, investigating the disappearance of people and finding mystery hidden objects. Colleagues dislike you for your straightforwardness and for being uncompromising in your way of conducting investigations, the authorities believe that you often snoop around and do not follow the law. And they are damn right - you are not a perfect. You are not a saint but you are totally innocent and one of the best in the business and therefore you are respected.
One day, you are assigned to help the feds to investigate a top-secret case. You have to lead a very unusual investigation. You will be connected to a psychopathic scientist’s consciousness who’s in a coma and who, in his desire to change the world, conducted brilliant but inhuman experiments on innocent people.

You look at the world through the eyes of a madman and a serial killer with a criminal mind, who hates any rules and regulations adopted by society. Step by step, you will discover the mystery adventure and dramatic story of a genius, who rejected everything human in himself to become a superman. And in his attempt to compare himself to God, he is ready to kill innocent people, he will..., however, you will find out for yourself.
Remember the main thing - do not go mad yourself, immersed in the thoughts and images of an insane genius. Remember you are the forensic detective Trevor Winkwood, who has to solve the crime. Everything depends on your choices!

There’s no more space for insanity in your mind otherwise madness will take over the world!

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